jueves, 1 de abril de 2010

Armadillo Gauntlet - The Extended Director’s Cut

Gauntlet – The extended cut
(DarkFibre vs High Frequency Bandwidth)

The plot…
‘A mysterious hero on a scooter drives through a distopian concrete landscape inhabited by quarrelling lovers, out of work party clowns, defiant old hags and red haired twins, only to be subjected to seemingly random acts of wanton destruction.

Who is placing glass, fire and concrete walls in front of the scooter and enticing him to his doom? Who knows…. but Armadillo Scooterwear emerges triumphant…. because that’s what it’s made to do! It even protects from the malevolence of custard pies.

Gauntlet is a creative head to head brought together by Armadillo Scooterwear and hatched in the concrete jungles of London. Building on Armadillo’s extraordinary viral Tough Enough, this strange mini film/ music promo is a collaboration between award winning London directing duo DarkFibre, High Frequency Bandwidth (Dom Beken and Alex Paterson from The Orb) and LA supremo editor Nick Lofting, with advertising agency Haam and Kaas, shot by the seminal Michael Bonvillian (Cloverfield, Zombieland, Lost)


“We always wanted to release the extended version, we love the beautifully shot epic nature of the cut”

Armadillo "Gauntlet" from Armadillo Scooterwear on Vimeo.

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